Singer/songwriter, Mother-of-two, creator of singing school based in Palo Alto, Songwriter with Ession Music, Choir Director for Addison Elementary's Noon Chorus.

Ession covered Kevin Johnson’s Shaney Boy for an Australian theater company.  Joanna sang lead vocals and posted on her School of Song youtube channel.  This version is available on Ession’s SoundCloud channel …

Ession songwriter Joanna Finnis is the creator of a local Palo Alto school of song (JFSS).  She arranged and recorded a version of Madonna’s Material Girl as an example of covering a tune in a different style … (also available on Ession’s SoundCloud channel)

It’s no wonder Joanna has a deep passion for songwriting.  It’s been passed down to her through the generations.  Here is a waltz her Great great grandmother, Mary Symonds, wrote in 1901.  Mary dedicated this piece of music to the New Zealand boys leaving for the Boer War.